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The Dark Knight

There I am in line waiting for Batman and Stephan’s all, “did ya get the pictures Lynne sent to everybody in the entire freakin universe askin if they think she looks good?” “Ah, no I didn’t,” I said and immediately checked my cell phone’s email. “Hmmmm, she must hate you,” he said and smirked his […]

Many Recovering Alcoholics Depend on Coffee, Cigarettes – US News and World Report

“Well, at least I don’t smoke,” he says – his hands shaking as he unfolds the morning paper. Feeling smug he grabs his quadruple Starbuck’s carmel macchiato latte and gulps down a foamy slurp. “Losers,” he mumbles and looks around for something to eat that contains at least 3000 calories, all of them from processed […]