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Audio Assault

It used to be that when I was outside walking along and somebody was intently engaged in a conversation with themselves that I would try not to stare at them, but usually did anyway, and depending on the serious urgency in which they were involved, I would either smile to myself knowing that: a.) they […]

In Security

I came home tonight to Tony, my landlord, and Tony his assistant, known respectively as Big and Little Tony; as they were busy yelling at some rather large yet forlorn crackhead who was trying to gain entrance to my building by slamming his head into the glass front door and screaming – “Lemme in!” Of […]

What I Want

It’s always a total trade off when you think that there’s something lacking in your life but you really don’t want to change a thing because it’s actually sort of working. Last night I was at the People’s Café in the Haight with a couple a fellow ex-dope fiends that once in a while I’ll […]