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More Information Than Needed

I guess that it’s pretty obvious that I’ve got no problem talkin’ about myself as every week I seem to be somewhat effortlessly divulging the most intimate of details thereby exposing my inane obsessions and letting you, the reader, into the exceedingly convoluted environment that is my brain. So it’s kinda weird that when I […]

Food as a Weapon

Once a week I tend to go off, lose control, and stray over to the other side and there just doesn’t seem to be a god damn thing that I can do to prevent it as it’s got nothin’ to do with willpower or just sayin’ no. Like tonight it started while I was in […]


The California Department of Corrections has this certain section in most of their prisons that’s called the SHU program – the S-H-U standing for Segregated Housing Unit. It’s where the dudes labeled as incorrigibles are sent to be away from the general population; kinda like the bad boy section where ya gotta wait it out […]