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Revelations in G Minor

Jimmy the Saint called me at work the other day, he thinks that it’d be a good idea if I went with him into the county jail and talked with the guys that are thinking of doing what we did. Well no, not what we did before, shooting dope and getting arrested, what we are […]


There’s a lot of times that I’d rather be alone in this world as it tends to let you decide your own fate and at the very least eat your favorite foods without having to compromise or ask permission. Nevertheless, ingesting copious amounts of cheesy flavored popcorn aside, there are just as many times when […]

Fromage’s Lament

With a last furtive and hasty look thrown over my shoulder I silently crept up the final flight of stairs on my way home in the hopes that I could gain the solitude of my apartment and for at least the next 72 hours never again have to leave its safety. As today was the […]