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Spring Cleaning

The phone rings, it’s Stephan, he says ta take a look outside, it’s earthquake weather. But ya know I kinda don’t wanna because if I do I’ll have to exert all that energy that it’ll take just to get up and part the blinds ta look out. Although even from where I’m layin’ I can […]

Surrealism in Muted Green

Like my own personal cyclone, spinning, that weightless feeling almost enjoyable right before the centrifugal force engages, pickin’ up momentum, turning into a blur, waitin’ for the first contact. I can still see it all, like a slow motion playback that I’m once again relivin’ through that continuous video loop like sensation that my mind […]

The Rain Drops

“You’re a whirlwind of excuses,” she said. Like it was me that couldn’t make up his mind. Of course maybe if I’d known just what it was that I was gonna do or what in hell it was that I wanted I’d a told her. It’s not like I’m hiding secrets or makin’ plans that […]