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The Laundry Room Hostess

The building’s management in their idiosyncratic and mysterious wisdom finally shut down the laundry room on my floor by locking the door and putting up a sign stating that it was closed until further notice for renovations. This was of course the laundry room from hell that was forever being flooded, with most of the […]

A Reluctant Pedestrian

Moving out of my present residence might just have gotten postponed for a bit because there’s the distinct possibility that I may have blown up my car! Blown up as in the motor being completely destroyed, and do you think driving really fast without any fluids in the vehicle, as in water and oil, would […]

Moving Against the Laws of Physics

I’m moving, or to be a little more precise, I’ve made the decision to move out of my decrepit apartment building and with any bit of luck into a better area somewhere else in this vast and densely populated city. So I guess what that means is that I’m in the process of moving! Though […]