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Is This Desire?

Yeah it’s a full moon again and it seems to be workin’ itself towards being on the crazy downside and I’m out in the alley in front of my building working on my car’s pesky exhaust leak. When I feel someone pass behind me and I look up to see the back of an extremely […]

Sitting is Making Me Fat

Its not like I’m huge or even humongous even, well, not yet anyway, it’s just that I sit a lot. Like I sit in my car as I drive to work only to get there to sit in my office or sit in a chair while I facilitate groups and then I do my charts […]

Attainment, Atonement, Ah What the Hell!

It’s a bit of a warm evening tonight, even for April, and there seems to be a lot of activity going on around me as I venture outside for a stroll. Across the street there’s at least ten taxicabs parked in front of the Pakistani restaurant and as I walk towards Bryant Street another cab […]