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My Feet

I still haven’t got a car. Doing the bus thing is starting to get old. Now that I went and moved away from my old neighborhood I’m on the other side of the city from where I work. What used to be a five-block walk getting there in the morning is now two buses and […]

New Neighborhood

Mid-afternoon, a warm September day, and it’s hard to get up off the bed. But I put my book down anyway and stand up, noticing that the sun is coming in through my bedroom windows, the blinds swaying with the breeze as outside a motorcycle struggles to make its way up the hill. Opening my […]

Off the Grid

Slowly I caress my laptop’s keyboard, admiring its sleek design. Silently, with come-hither eyes, I stare into its extended blank screen hoping for a sign from the gods or at the very least a little taste of the stuff that it gleans off the Internet for me. Unfortunately tonight there isn’t going to be any […]