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Maybe it’s the Coffee

This morning I awoke to the roar of a million motorcycles revving their engines and burning the rubber of their back tires and unfortunately this time it wasn’t a Technicolor dream accompanied by a really loud soundtrack that I was inadvertently experiencing as some left over residual of drug abuse. Nah, this time it was […]

Meeting Girls

She was sitting in the booth directly behind Trevor while we were eating dinner at a restaurant that his friend works at. As a matter of fact that’s why we were in the restaurant in the first place so that Trevor could see this girl that he likes who works there as a waitress. At […]

All Night – Every Night

I’m here to tell you that the Gestapo is alive and well and currently active in my apartment building! Of course not the original ones from Hitler’s Germany but newly manifested blitzkriegers in the form of little adolescent cop wanna-bes with sullen attitudes dressed in storm trooper uniforms and shiny black combat boots. And now […]