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When Waking Dreams Become Memories

The heat is unbelievable – it’s 2am and the window’s open. Behind me the fan sputters and groans, been on for the last three days straight. Pushing the thick air past me, back out the window, only to return again, warm and overly familiar like an abusive lover’s embrace. Otherwise it’s stagnant, no breeze, no […]

The Human Frailty of Emotion

It doesn’t always make sense – these moments of depression that I get into – especially when there’s no rightful cause or perfect reason as to why they come and stay with me for the duration that they do. Some days when I’m just going about life like it’s all normal, like I’m one of […]

Sunday Afternoon

The sun’s streaming in through the open window, outside it’s pretending to be summer. That is until the afternoon fog rolls in and then you’ll be thinking that you’re in Siberia. The tourists that are stuck out there on Fisherman’s Wharf today will be busy buying up “souvenir” sweatshirts in an effort to stave off […]