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Up On the Hill

The car had been sitting there for over a week, its tires already stolen, the front jacked up sittin’ on milk cartons and all the windows opened, either broken or rolled down. You could see it from the front door of my apartment building, up there under the freeway, over by the new construction and […]

Contributing to Delinquency

Just got back from watching a movie that advocated the overthrowing of government and ya know it left me in a pretty good mood with visions of democracy as the proverbial carrot on a string dancing just out of my reach. Leading me to conclude that I’m way past ready ta start a revolution and […]

The Kindness of Strangers

It was Saturday morning and I was kinda in a hurry but I was also hungry which is a bit unusual for me, to be hungry in the morning that is. So I stopped at the bagel place on Market Street and got one a their giant bagels toasted and crammed fulla cream cheese to […]