On The Podcast Tip

On The Podcast Tip
Apparently March was podcast month
I was a guest on three cool podcasts
Outcast Press Podcast: Interview With Patrick O’Neil

A Podcast brought to you by the degenerate minds over at Outcast Press. Sebastian Vice and Natalie Nider interview “Patrick O’Neil, author of, among other things, the memoir Gun, Needle, Spoon. We discuss his roadie days, heroin addiction, and robbing banks.”

Requiem Metal Podcast: Dead Kennedys

Jason Mark and Mark Rudolph’s deep exploration of Dead Kennedys with Decibel Magazine’s Justin Norton and DK artist/roadie, author- Patrick O’Neil where we discuss the amazing career and catalog of Dead Kennedys, including the Frankenchrist era and all the work we did to get Frankenchrist into Decibel’s Hall Of Fame. This episode also includes awesome anecdotes and insights from former DKs roadie and author extraordinaire Patrick O’Neil. Make sure to check out his second memoir Anarchy At The Circle K when it comes out later this year from Punk Hostage Press.

**fair warning: this is a 5 hour long podcast

Ben Free Podcast: The Largest Human Rights Literary Organization on Earth Sends Their Best to Ben Free

Benjamin Frandsen interviews Caits Meissner—poet, author, and New York Director of PEN America’s Prison Writing Program, and Patrick O’Neil—acclaimed writer and author of Gun, Needle, Spoon. With a conversation about the process of writing, criminal justice, literature, writing in prison, and the new PEN America book, The Sentences That Create Us: Crafting A Writer’s Life In Prison.

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