Dear Professor

Dear Mr. O’Neil,
I did not incorporate a formal thesis statement in my essay because I like the freedom to be able to change the essay’s direction depending on what I have to say or the tone I am portraying. If you notice, I have used different supporting paragraphs for each element of the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter – I feel that nature is my thesis statement, and I do not need to be confined by the small thinking of male dominated educational theories. Furthermore, I have submitted a total of 500 words, so it seems to me that I have met the requirement. I could understand if I didn’t complete the assignment, but I feel that a five point deduction is a little stiff for choosing a different ideology of expression.


Dear Dr. Professor O’Neil

My name is _____________ I am in your 101 class. I have falling behind in assignments. Can you look at my record and tell me what assignments I have missed so that I can make them up? I really need to pass this course I am graduating at the end of the semester. I think may have missed the mid-term, and you said i had to redo a few assignments, can you tell me which ones. I have a full load this semester and I am really busy. I can not be in class next week are you going to be lecturing on anything important? When you look at my records could you maybe concur my final grade? I really need a B but a C will get me done. I have really enjoyed your class. Is the final exam going to be hard? Thanks for being such a cool teacher. Do you own any clothes that are not black?



Hi Patrick I hope you are doing great, I just wanted to know if I have a possibility of earning a B? how can I get a B within this week? I am willing to work overnight working on my misses assingments but i really want to get a B for my transcript. Its been difficult this semester but I don’t want to give up. please tell me what can I do



hello Mr Oneil can you please explain your reasoning behind the online timed final exam? Haven’t I shown you a studious ability to complete any required assignment? I think with my having to submit assignments weekly that it would thereby negate the need for you to indulge in such an antiquated educational concept. Studies have been conducted that prove without a doubt tests do not equal learned ability and knowledge. The anxiety you provoke from me having to expose myself to this exercise in sadism is insurmountable and besides it wasn’t absolutely clearly stated on the syllabus. Consider this my formal protest in writing and I will take up whatever grade I receive with the dean of education or a higher authority.


mr teacher im writing 2 ask how grades work do i have 2 finish every assign before i get my final grade 4 the semest or do u awrd them as we go when i submit an assign because i dont see my grades anywhere at the class website & id like to no how i did this semest maybe u could write me back with my grade & tell me if i passed & if i didnt then can i make it up with extra credit dont want to have to take this class again

thank u


Dear Dr. Professor Oneil, I don’t understand why you want me to do a paper again. What am I to learn from that? I already wrote it. I read your comments. I understand what you wrote. I will use spell check. I must have missed the part in the instructons where you explained what a summary was. I may have done the same stuff in this weeks assignment. I won’t do it again. Thank you. you are doing a great job.


Dear Patric is there anyway i can make up missed asignments? this semester been very stressing death in family and i had to be for my mother and son and brother aunt and her kid. i know i had missed some asignments is there anyway i can make them? your help would be good. i take time off to hand out my family and was stressing. i had good grades before i need to gradute i have only this class regurment for my cj degree. will there be a final? what asignment did i miss? how important they for my final grade? could i just do final test out? i understand english and won’t use much writing as a police officer. thank you for youre time.


Hey O’Neil.

I’m not feeling the curriculum.

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