Hold-Up release date: 3/20/13

Discerning writers choose Hold-Up nine out of ten times in our hermetically sealed taste tests.

Merci beaucoup Monsieur Rob Roberge!
Artists possessing refined palates pick Hold-Up over other competing brands (filtered, and non-filtered).

Thanks a million Jean-Fabien Leclanche (photographer of Hold-Up’s cover photo)

A recent nation wide poll of singer/musicians, most notably female lead singers, showed a remarkable and irrevocable perchance for late night reading of Hold-Up (that said female lead singer’s boyfriend wrote the book is of little significance).

Love ya, Jennifer Courtney – babe. If everyone in your immediate family buys my book, that amounts to twenty-one sold, and raises my gross national sales by, well, twenty-one.

When queried more MIT professors emphatically select Hold-Up as this semester’s memoir de rigueur (of course it helps that his son penned the book).

Many thanks Wayne O’Neil – for the numerous proof-readings, last minute revision suggestions, and all the patient explanations of grammar and syntax.


This Maître Cuisinier de France, after sampling the cuisine de Hold-Up, said bon appétit!

Thank you, Joël Guillon.

Newly published writer on a blind survey of his own own work gives Hold-Up two thumbs up, and then in a tasteless display of shameless self-promotion, attempts to intimidate you into buying said book.

You too can epitomize good taste, buy your copy today.

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