More Stuff About… Me, Me, Me.

More Stuff About… Me, Me, Me.

The above photo is of all the authors, performers, and presenters for Library Girl + Punk Hostage Press‘s “A Nail Won’t Fix a Broken Heart” (February 11th, 2024), celebrating the 12 Year Anniversary of Punk Hostage Press (founded by Iris Berry + A. Razor) and dedicated to Mike Martt (RIP). It was an epic reading, a blast, and an honor to share the stage with Zander Schloss, Iris Berry, Joe Donnelly, Pleasant Gehman, S.A. Griffin, Jack Grisham, William S Hayes, Michael Marcus, Richard Modiano, Chris Morris, O.R., Puma Perl, Nicca Ray, and A. RAZOR.


The Memoir Channel – Interview with Patrick O’Neil -“GUN NEEDLE SPOON”

Had a great time getting interviewed by Niki Smart for her “The Memoir Channel” on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her channel.


Interviewed Chris L. Terry and James Spooner about there new book; Black Punk Now for Air/Light: “A canonizing, bold, and urgent anthology setting a new precedent for Black Punk Lit, created by generations of Black punks—featuring both new voices and those from the not-so-recent past.”

Wrote the liner notes for Frightwig’s new album We Need To Talk released on Label 51 Recordings: “Pioneering feminist punk band FRIGHTWIG has returned with their latest album, We Need to Talk… (Label 51 Recordings), plus a special bonus 7″ single dedicated to their late but forever-present drummer Cecilia Kuhn who transcended this earthly plane in 2017.”

My experimental piece Big Head Theory, was published in Locavore Lit LA Issue 9: “a online literary journal, curriculum resource and classroom presenter designed to spark a love of reading and writing among underserved public school students of Los Angeles.”

The author Ian Glasper graciously included a few unpublished excerpts from my Subhumans chapter in Anarchy At The Circle K (they didn’t make it into the final version of A@TCK), along with an interview, for his new book;  Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years of Subhumans, on PM Press (pages 250-262)



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