Due to…

An unfortunate misunderstanding I will not be here this week to celebrate my two years of posting Full Blue Moon Dementia. However feel free to leave comments and please come back next week when I will return. That is if I survive a week of living with feral cats. Then it looks like I’ll probably be moving. So who knows? But I swear I’ll be back. Like soon. Really…

7 Responses

  1. Adriana Bliss

    Just as I get back from my weekend jaunt, I find you gone. Well, I’ll be back, as they say. I do look forward to reading about those feral cats. And…two years! Congratulations, Patrick.

  2. Stephanx

    Yessss, unfortunate indeed!

  3. lab munkay

    Without my Fromage fix I might just end up laying outside of your apartment building in my own filth waiting for your return, and stuffing cats down my pants for warmth. Congradulations and come back soon.

  4. cookypuss

    So I finally track you down this way and now you vanish again…. go figure.

  5. Green Glass Beads

    I hope you do move Patrick, and that it turns out to be a sweetly slightly imperfect haven for you. What better way to celebrate than with new surroundings?
    I do miss reading you though…

  6. Cori

    Cheers for 2 years Paddy!!!

  7. Kacy

    I’m glad you’re moving. Tell me where.