Waiting at the Gilbert

The old man is six feet away, but I can still smell him. It’s a permeating stench. A mixture of piss, dirty socks, unwashed body, and a bunch of other rancid smells I don’t want to indentify let alone drift up my nostrils. He’s digging in a trashcan with a folded coat hanger. Snagging aluminum […]

Real Estate

In the city of Los Angeles there’s an apartment on North Gardner Street, just south of Sunset Blvd. In early 1990 my friend Chris lived there with a computer nerd junkie named Chuckles. Chris and I sold heroin out of the apartment. It was the old days – before cell phones. Everything was done through […]

Valentine’s Day

I wake up to the sounds of my neighbors fucking. They just moved in a week ago. The walls are thin. She’s a screamer. I saw them in the courtyard yesterday. I said hi, and tried to be friendly. They ignored me and scurried into their apartment. Their bed is banging the wall that separates […]